New Jewellery with Orange Flowers Elements

GMOND G’man jewelry has been good at finding the woman into the natural beauty and jewelry design. Orange elements unique beauty around, and the best interpretation of the traditional Chinese “Kat” culture auspicious auspicious meaning “Auspicious Life Lucky Life” series, in 2014, GMOND g’man jewelry auspicious Auspicious Life created a portrait of life “orchard” series … [Read more…]

Customer was Cheated to Buy Bad Quality Jewellery

Consumer Liu shopping sweepstakes, scrapings “award”, and 2 off the price, only spent 11,460 yuan bought three jewelry, is picking up a cheap or deceived? Recently, the City of Industry Branch Doumen investigate a case of alleged false lottery for consumer rights, recover 11,460 yuan to purchase jewelry decoy money. It is understood that Mr. … [Read more…]