Piercing Jewellery Style from UK

Piercing jewelry, also called Surface Piercing, Body Piercing, is one kind of decorative jewelry form in the human body surface; it includes: nose rings, lip rings, eyebrow rings, navel rings and even decorate the brow, nose, cheeks, clavicle , ear bones, cervical and many other parts of the body of an apertured Art. This walk … [Read more…]

Promote the Update of Jewellery Industry

In the beautiful scenery of Hangzhou Quyuanfenghe lakeside home, a spectacular exhibition had begun. The exhibition is China Academy of Art and Design Vocational and Technical College Jewellery Design 2016 session of the graduate exhibition will also showcase entrepreneurial achievements portion of graduates. The graduation exhibition and Small Enterprise combined organic fusion of static form … [Read more…]